Ooi’s Tae Kwon Do was founded by GM Ooi in London England in 1974. In 1985, GM Ooi emigrated to Canada and formed Ooi’s Taekwondo Canada, that was the start of an international organization. It has 7 member countries including Canada, and continues to grow as more countries apply to be part of Ooi’s Taekwondo. The growth of Ooi’s Taekwondo is mainly due to the support and diligent work of Master Steve Graham, who started training with GM Ooi since 1977 in Slade Green, Kent, England. Master Graham moved to the Cayman Islands in 1998 and formed Ooi’s Taekwondo Cayman Islands. He set up a seminar in Jamaica hosted by Master Chris Chok WTF President of Jamaica Taekwondo. Ooi’s Taekwondo Jamaica was formed and Mr. Ted Williams WTF President Bahamas Taekwondo soon followed.

Grand Master OOI

Master Ooi
황 복 래 관 장

International Master Instructor

President of Ooi’s Taekwondo/Tangsoodo and OMAS(Ooi’s Martial Arts System).  Canadian Representative of the World Kumite Organization (WKO).

I left the Orient for the United Kingdom late 1973 and started the first Taekwondo/Tangsoodo class in a small church hall in Hackney, East London.  Ooi’s Taekwondo-Tang Soo Do was founded January 18, 1974 with only 6 students.  From 1974 to mid 1985, with the help of my students Ooi’s Taekwondo-Tang Soo Do expanded throughout London and into Surrey and Kent.   My greatest passion as an Instructor was definitely the time when I was in England. I pushed my students to their limits and then some!  It could be argued that at the time, some of the best Tang Soo Do fighters in England came from my school. Today many are instructors themselves and running their own schools. It was a time of contrasting highs and lows where I learnt the meaning of trust, loyalty and disappointment.  England taught me a lot and I thank all my British students and trust you understand I was harsh, so you would excel!!!

Master Ing Ooi

Master Ing Ooi

7th Dan

Instructor Streetsville & Cawthra Division

40 Years of martial arts experience!

Conducts special classes for more mature members at the Cawthra Division. Supervisor for the After School Program and the KinderKicks Program.

Personal Trainer especially for members with some minor physical challenges.

Master Yonge Ooi
황 수 영

5th Dan

Instructor Streetsville & Cawthra Division. Master’s #1 daughter born in England. Senior members in England will remember her trying to kick before she could even walk!  U of T graduate. English and French major. Hon. BA.  B. Ed.

Actively instructs at both the Cawthra and Streetsville Centers.

Program coordinator for Summer Camps, After School Programs, Demonstrations, Competitions and most other activities that we get into.

Master Sun Ooi
황 수 선

4th Dan

Asst. Instructor Streetsville Division

Master’s # 2 Daughter-100% Canadian.

Graduated in 2012, U of T.  Hon. BSc with High Distinction.   Graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters Degree.

Kicks like a mule, just as stubborn.

Master Wayne Hutchinson

Master Wayne Hutchinson

4th Dan

Chief Instructor Toronto Division

One of the most senior member of Ooi’s Taekwondo Canada! His dedication to training is only matched by his passion for teaching.

Specializes in children classes teaching discipline and taekwondo skills.  You have to observe one of his classes to see how the children respond to him.

Canadian Instructors

International Instructors

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