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Master Ooi’s Philsophy


“Without a Student, there is no Teacher”
“I teach, so I must learn…, I learn so I can teach”!

If in the course of time, you discover something better, do not be afraid to change!

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge! You cannot acknowledge what you do not know. Learn, so that you know, Acknowledge, it can be better, Change!

If only I knew then, what I know now…,WoW!

I know the Martial Arts are good for my kids, that’s why I didn’t let them quit!

Keep healthy and Stay Healthy! Once you lose your health, you lose your freedom, and freedom of choice. Allow yourself to be healthy and choose to be happy!

My take on Children & Martial Arts

If you send your child for piano lessons, do you expect them to play the piano, or do you just want them to have “fun”?!

“You do not have to be able to play the piano to know it is not being played correctly… find another piano teacher!

It is fair to want your child to have some fun in training, but if you just want them to have fun, take them to Disney World!

“My kids are not brats because others will not love them as much as I do!”

”Give your child everything they want even if they don’t earn it if you are sure you are going to be their boss when they grow up!”


I just don’t have time to be nice… I have a limited time to teach you well.