After School Program

We have the KinderKicks as well as the Ooi’s After School Program (ASP) in Mississauga. The Ooi’s After School Program (ASP) in Mississauga is available at both Training Centers at Streetsville and the Queensway/Cawthra Center.  We pick the child up from their school at dismissal time and take the child to the training center.  They get a chance to wind down from their day at school and even catch up with the new friends they make at Ooi’s ASP.  Taekwondo class starts soon after at 4:15 pm for at least 45 minutes.  Here’s where the kids learn the basic fundamentals of martial arts training.  After Taekwondo class training is over, they get changed and are encouraged to start with any homework while waiting to be picked up by the parents, on their way home from work.   Our ASP is based on Taekwondo development and we instill into the child the rules and values of Discipline, Respect and Courtesy.  They learn to abide by the rules of martial arts protocol and to behave accordingly.  Discipline does not have to be harsh, just firm!  Since they train 5 days a week, it is amazing to see the progress they make in as short as 3 months of training.

You are welcome to come in to view a class to see for yourself.  The kids in our ASP actually learn Taekwondo! We are happy for you to talk to any parents that may be present to see how positive they are about our Ooi’s After School Program.

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