by Ryan Weekes




Focused, determined, fit and strong is he

With dedication and integrity

He walks that thin line where discipline, honour and respect is key

And tries to instill this in both you and me.

His traditions and views are well publicized

After 35 years of teaching, they have passed the test of time

He is well supported by a great wife and two daughters that we all can see

Well skilled and mannered, they have set the bar to the highest degree.

I believe we can trust this man explicitly

With the time we have shared with him and his family

His words may be strong, his comments harsh

But you will hear nothing less than life experience, wisdom and honesty.

Sometimes we try oh so hard,

Regardless, we may fail or fall

But he will stand before you and support you

Because he sees the greatness within you.

So without further adieu,

I ask you to stand and bow with me

And honour this great man

The father and founder of our Tae Kwon Do family



by Mark Yukich


Ode to the Black Belts

When I started this journey it was just to get fit

I didn’t know when or if I would quit

Then somewhere that changed and I wanted much more

So I looked to the Black Belts to see how I could score

First there’s Yonge and there’s Sun, offsprings of the Master

Their genetics too great, I could never be faster

Their techniques and their grace will make your head whirl

What I really should try is to kick like a girl

Then I met Ed, who greets you with a smile

My first sparring I learned first hand of his style

Mild mannered this gentlemen certainly was not

When his roundhouse stopped shy of a crushing head shot

He could have ended my training but yet all the while

He just held his foot there and gave me a smile

Danny Sa when I met I did not know how to take

His eyes would go through you, don’t dare make a mistake

But what he is saying is you cannot go wrong

Hard work and attention will make you grow strong

Jordan the 3rd Dan an imposing quiet fellow

I first met when my belt was still coloured yellow

Encouraging instruction is what you will get

Just one reason he earns your instant respect

All those years with the Master put him right at the top

It’s easy to see why he is one powerful cop

Daniel Yamasaki who is just new to the school

He shows Taekwondo offers many common rules

Be strong and help others and you just might see

That you will be followed by your family

And then there is Shaun with whom I’ve not worked

But listening to others it made my ears perk

Of all characteristics, technique may be his best

I’ll definitely consider him with the rest

So what did I get out of all that I saw

My belt may be green but I’m really quite raw

This journey you see is really quite long

At the end to which Black Belt do I strive to belong

Well a trait from each one I’ll endeavour to take

Cause with that combination cannot be a mistake

You see at the end how I want to live

Is to be able to have something to give


Technically perfect, she moves with precision

So skilful and graceful she helps give you vision

She wants to improve you and help you succeed

She is always there to give what you need

She watches you falter, though you may not see

You sometimes may wonder, when will she help me

She’s careful and thoughtful, determined and bright

She wants to make sure you’ve experienced the fight

This fine art is difficult she knows this first hand

All of the details so hard to understand

But just when they’re beyond our own expectation

The forms all make sense when she imparts explanation

There’s more to this woman than you’d ever expect

There’s so many reasons she earns you respect

She’ll teach you and guide you, all with a smile

She’ll even help injuries go away for a while

How do we sum up all that we feel

So many qualities all of them real

The best way to answer in our collective mind

Our Mam is a Master of a very special kind


Our School

Now that we’re together please lend me your ear

As we all gather here in our 3rd year

We will not give you an extravagant show

This probably makes you so glad I know

Instead we want to deliver to you

How we can help with what the Ooi’s do

They lead us and guide us to do our best

So what can we do to help with the rest

We are foot soldiers and we want to assist

Discipline and respect we all must insist

Though our goals may be different one thing is quite clear

We want to improve from the things that we hear

Now that we’re working to a common theme

Of helping fellow students reach for their dream

As we’ve grown we realize they may not know

To help each other is the way to go

If you think that you’ve worked with a great deal of strife

It’s nothing compared to investing your life

To demonstrate here is something that you should know

We hope it is clear in this brief video

(This was followed by a video that chartered the Ooi Family & Ooi's Taekwondo from the 1970's to Present)