Former Students


Lately I've been either receiving emails or phone calls from former students that used to train with me.  With the power of the internet, they were able to find me especially students that I taught while I was in England over 36 years ago.  Former Canadian students are also contacting me and these students I remember even more clearly, as they only go back 25 years.

They are normally quite surprised that I remember them and in quite detail as some were still kids when they stopped training.  Many have resumed training with me and are surprised how smooth the transition has been, and expressed regret at having stopped training.  Almost all will say I made a positive impact on their lives.... These are the very reasons that make what I do, all worthwhile! To each and everyone of you, I want you to know you also made a difference in my life.

Our journey through life is like a train ride that we get on and off... till our final stop.  We will sometimes be upset that some friends choose to sit in another compartment and leave us to travel on our own... we just have to appreciate and cherish all the times that we rode together.  If you can, just save a seat for them.... should they decide to come back!

Take a seat....!!!