International Instructors

Ooi's TaeKwonDo-TangSooDo was founded by GM Ooi in London England in 1974.  In 1985, GM Ooi emigrated to Canada and formed Ooi's Taekwondo Canada, that was the start of an international organization.  It has 7 member countries including Canada.  The growth of Ooi's Taekwondo is mainly due to the support and diligent work of Master Steve Graham, who trained with GM Ooi since 1977 in Slade Green, Kent, England.  Master Graham moved to the Cayman Islands in 1998 and formed Ooi's Taekwondo Cayman Islands. He is the official WTF President of the Cayman Islands.  He invited GM Ooi to give a seminar in Jamaica hosted by Master Chris Chok, WTF President of Jamaica Taekwondo.  Ooi's Taekwondo Jamaica was formed and Mr. Ted Williams WTF President Bahamas Taekwondo soon followed. Ooi's Taekwondo Thailand had it's seeds sown as early as 1993 when Mike Gillies, now Master Mike Gillies on his second trip with GM Ooi to the Orient decided to stay behind in Thailand.  Today Master Gillies has 2 training Centers in Thailand. In 2007, Mr. Ooi Cee Yenn invited GM Ooi to visit his school in Malaysia and the Malaysian Division of Ooi's Taekwondo was formed in 2008.

Note: I feel the title of Grand Master should be exclusive to Masters that have made a great contribution to the martial arts world and I do not include myself in this category.  However I have adopted it here to avoid confusion with the Instructor from Malaysia who shares the same last name. 

Cayman Islands

Master Steve Graham 7th Dan

President of Cayman Islands Taekwondo Association (WTF) Executive Member of the Pan American Taekwondo Union (PATU)

Ph: 345-916-5425
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Master Chris Chok 6th Dan

Ph: 876-374-3880

President of Jamaica Taekwondo Association (WTF)




Master Valentine Ebeigbe 6th Dan


Master Ooi Cee Yenn 4th Dan



Ph: 012 583 8410

Thailand - Bangkok

Master Mike Gillies 4th Dan

Ph: 876-374-3880



Mr. Ted Williams 3rd Dan