How much does it cost?

While cost is important, it should not be the main factor in choosing where you train.  Fees range from anything between $1050 to $1,350 for the year.  Anything above that would be too much and anything below that is designed, just to get you in first.  Go for a short term if you are not sure, to assess the quality of instruction and the people who run the center.  In 3 months , you will know if it is what you expected.  Beware of specials that seem too good to be true". it normally is!  If there is a "special" don't be pressured to sign up immedaitely.  The deal will still be there tomorrow.  In real estate, you know of "location, location, location".  In martial arts,  it is "Instructor, Instructor, Instructor" Footnote: Do not forget the HST!

Do I have to pay for my uniform, where can I buy it, and how much is it?

Few things are free in this world.   Sometimes uniforms are offered at a discount or may be given away as an incentive or already included in the cost of the membership.  Most schools will carry a stock of everything you need.  Uniforms cost from $50 - $65, taking into account size, quality etc.

Must I buy my uniform and equipment only from where I train?

Generally, all members should get their uniforms from their own training centers as this will ensure "uniformity".   You would also be supporting your school as the business is not solely based on membership fees.  At Ooi's TKD, most supplies will be cheaper than normal retail.  At times retail stores may be cheaper, for end of line items or promotion sales.  Difference in quality of product also may determine prices.

My child lacks discipline, I have been told martial arts would be the best for him.

Depends if the martial arts center emphasizes it.  We allow kids to let off steam before class, but once it starts, everyone is expected to comply with the code of conduct.  There are martial arts schools that are no more than Day Care.   Fine, if that is what you want.  If you want your child to fully benefit from the martial arts, find a proper martial arts school!  Whatever age your child is, was how long it took to form his current level of discipline.  Don't expect it to change in 1 month.  Remember also, your child may start to resist going to class when and because he/she has to comply with rules of behavior.  If you see that the Instructor is actually doing a good job, do not let your child manipulate you.  When you know what is good for your child, you do not "negotiate", you make the decision!

Must I take part in competitions/promotion tests?

Only if you want to.  Ooi's Tkd does not force anyone to compete in tournaments or test for their next rank.  We encourage it, but the decision is always yours.  My door is always open if you have any concerns or wish to discuss this furthur.

What are the chances of getting injured training in the martial arts?

All care is taken to ensure the safety of all our members.  Injuries that do occur are usually minor bruises, sprains and muscle pulls.  You can sprain an ankle just taking a walk in the park!  Sparring is also and area where injuries can arise.  The general rule in sparring is "do unto others as you would them do to you"

Will I be able to defend myself?

No guarantees!   You can carry a weapon, but if you have not been trained or practised to use it effectively, it is of no value and can be turned against you.  In a self defense situation, the more direct and simple the response, the better.  The most effective self defense is avoidance!

How are points awarded for "Attitude" at Promotion Tests?

The "Attitude" score allows me to make a statement to the student.  There is no limit to what I can score.  It normally ranges from O to 10, but I can score whatever I want, from minus 50 which means there is no chance of passing due to conduct unbecoming, to any positive number, in order to reward a student to a higher rank if the student shows exemplary conduct that deserves recognition.  However, I would like to emphasize without reservations that I would never abuse this priviledge

It has nothing to do with the technical performance of your testing but is affected by your character and conduct in class and particularly at your testing.  To be more specific:

  • minus score = conduct unbecoming
  • 0  = passive negative conduct 
  • 1  = neutral conduct (nothing to be penalized or rewarded)
  • 2  = passive positive conduct
  • 3  = positive conduct
  • 4  = very positive conduct
  • 5+= exemplary conduct. 

I am hoping to build character especially in kids; for them to realize that how they behave not just at the testing but at all times, affects how they are judged. If kids can understand that, hopefully they will be able to conduct themselves with courtesy, dignity and honor inside and outside of the training center. 


What is the difference between the martial arts ?


GEOGRAPHY!  Taekwondo is from Korea, Karate from Japan and Kungfu from China.  However if you trace the history of Taekwondo and Karate, you will find a very strong link to the Chinese martial arts.  Historically Chinese Culture has influenced both the cultures of Korea and Japan.  With time, each culture evolved and so did their martial arts and each became distinctly different.  It is generally accepted that Karate favors hand techniques withTaekwondo emphasizing kicks and Kungfu with being very elaborate and intricate techniques with the use of traditional weapons.