Business Philosophy

  • Dedicated Quality Instruction
  • Exceptional Value
  • Honor & Integrity
  • Know what the member wants
  • Know what the member needs
  • Keep Improving Our Services

Quality Instruction: can be measured by the performance of all the students in a class. If everyone present(from white to black belt) shows good technic, it usually equates to good instruction. Don't be impressed because of one exceptional student who could be a "natural or gifted". Do make allowances for age and some obvious physical handicap. If the majority performs well, you know you found a good instructor. With a little bit of knowledge, Quality is often clearly recognizable. Remember, you do not have to be able to sing to appreciate a good singer or a good song...

Advanced Class in Thailand

Exceptional Value: There can be no price set on the value of time well spent in learning lifelong skills. At Ooi's Taekwondo, our rates are always competitive and fair.  More importantly, it is the Dedication & Quality of Instruction that is paramount. This determines the end result, a student that reaches his/her full potential and beyond. 

Honesty & Integrity: Ooi's Taekwondo has stood the test of time with over 35 years of teaching the Martial Arts. Students that started with Master Ooi when he first arrived in Canada, still train with him. Some were kids when they first started, now as parents themselves, bring their children along to train.

Thai Black Belt Class

Know what the member wants: Today, different people train for different reasons. We must try to establish their reason for joining and lead them to their goals. Some just want to excercise.., this would be the easiest!  We are also getting them at a much younger age.  Many of the kids are there, because their parents think it would be a good idea, and it is!   The kids just want to have fun, and if we can teach them, and let them have some fun at the same time, then we have succeeded!  Ooi's Taekwondo can offer training that will not only get you fit and control weight, but also improve flexibility, balance, coordination, strength, cardio vascular, reflexes and much more...

Know what the member needs: We as a society, are not as fit as we should be.  The combination of TV, computers and fast foods, have spawned a generation of kids, that stay indoors, eat too much junk food with little exercise.  The motor skills are not developed, and reflexes are dull.  Both physical and mental toughness tend to be absent.  Ooi's Taekwondo is not just about fitness. Discipline, perseverance, respect etc., are qualities that can be developed in the course of training.

Keep Improving Our Services: We constantly strive to improve our services by constantly keeping abreast of new training methods and developments in the martial arts world.  We also invite bona fide instructors to conduct seminars, workshops and clinics that are outside of our field of expertise. This will raise the standards and expand the experience and knowledge base of our instructors and members alike.